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Mission & Values

We value our people and we value our principles. We charge every employee to adhere to our standars of being the best service and customer oriented hospitality business. Below are our Mission and Core Values.

Mission Statement

To establish D’Amico Kitchen among the premier restaurants in America by employing the following uncompromising principles:

• To create a great dining and work environment by treating our guests and each other with warmth, respect and dignity.

• To apply the highest standards of creativity and excellence to the selection of our products, the preparation of our recipes, the delivery of guest service, and the creation of inviting and comfortable restaurants.

• To actively contribute to the betterment of our communities and the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

• To excel at all of the above and distill from our work the success that fuels our ability to continue the pursuit of these principles.



We strive to create an environment that expresses and lives the true spirit of Italia, the celebration of “the love of life, food and family” . . . an environment with a heritage that conveys the attitude and energy of:


We are passionate about food and committed to high standards of quality in its delivery to our guests.

We always act “guest first” in a service environment where guests win the “moments of truth”

We believe that “pride in appearance, with a strong emphasis on visual appeal” applied to our food, people and facilities affect the way each guest perceives us.

We believe in being active contributors to the betterment of our communities and the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

We are committed to building a professionally managed organization – the D’Amico famiglia – staffed by a diverse group of individuals working as a team, managing from a set of long term plans and short term objectives.

We believe that the competency, skill and attitude of the entire D’Amico famiglia is the primary driver of our success and are committed to providing continuous, effective training, coaching and tools to increase performance and achieve results.

We strive to be a quality training/learning organization.

We are committed to ensure that members of the D’Amico famiglia understand what is expected of them and for what they are held accountable.

We believe in positive reinforcement, and recognize that good performance should be rewarded and celebrated on a regular basis.

We are committed to providing a work environment that is conductive to a balanced quality of life.

We believe that ours should be a great place to work . . . a place where enjoying one’s work and getting results happen at the same time . . . a place where the D’Amico famiglia has fun on its journey.

We expect each member of the D’Amico famiglia to be trustworthy and to treat others with dignity and respect. Inappropriate behaviors will never be tolerated.

We believe in credibility and leadership by example, that management should be role models for our values and culture.

We live our values and “walk the talk”.

We believe that an entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic are required to fuel our journey.

We believe in a sense of urgency and in continually seeking creative and innovative ways to  increase performance and do things better.

We believe that maintaining a “top line/sales” focus is the best path to maximize our long term profitability and success.

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